Who is Josh Bricker?

Josh Bricker, a Nashville recording artist from Athens, GA found his love for music at a young age. From his grandfather to his father, country music runs in his blood for miles. Growing up an athlete, Josh never took his musical talents seriously until after college. As he grew older, Josh began to realize the voice he was hiding.  In 2015, Josh played his first show in Athens, GA. The moment he began to look into the audience as he sang, he knew the dream would never die. 

Josh Bricker keeps his music original. His voice is his own, his songs are hand written, and he believes this is what music is all about. During his first show Josh saw his originality take heart in the people of Athens, GA. "Just seeing the people really getting into my original music and the words I was trying to convey was the experience of a lifetime." -Josh 

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